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Dark skinned humans that live in a desert country. They have impressive cities and an affinity for combat. They revere dragons as the ultimate warriors and use their fire to make beutiful, resilient, curved swords.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Alya, Asra, Azra, Ava, Samira, Kali

Masculine names

Amir, Arya, Azar, Kali

Unisex names

Arya, Azar, Dana, Roshan


Culture and cultural heritage

Warrior priests

Shared customary codes and values

Always wearing shoes

Average technological level

Agriculture, animal husbandry, metalworking

Common Dress code

Khalat, kaftan, agal (accessory), veils (niqāb, purdah)

Art & Architecture

Symmetric designs which use circles and squares with rectangular courtyards. Large decorated domes

Coming of Age Rites

Inheriting the father's sword, or, forging your own

Funerary and Memorial customs


Common Taboos

Exposed feet, unveiled women

Common Myths and Legends

A warrior who subdued a dragon and then rode it into battle


Beauty Ideals

Short hair for men and long hair for women. Dark skin, hair, and blue eyes

Gender Ideals

Women should be veiled

Major organizations

Red Hand

Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Related Myths

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