Tolva, Queen of Thieves

Meguvyurno Tolva (a.k.a. Queen of Thieves)

During the first Imperial Century, shortly before the rise of the Dragon Kings, the descendants of Vargo the Trollslayer ruled over Khezvaros in little more than name. For nearly a century, the real power in the region was held by Tolva, the Queen of Thieves. Legends say that at the height of her power, Tolva commanded an army of over 1600 bandits, pirates, and thieves. Through merely her choice of targets, Tolva could bankrupt a merchant company, starve out a fortress, or overthrow a small city. Despite the wide reach of her power, Khezvaros was the closest settlement to Tolva's seat of power, and therefore had the most to fear from her. As her power grew, the Ipsan's power waned, until she was the de facto ruler of the city, wielding power through the threat of her wrath.   While many (especially among the nobility) considered Tolva to be little more than a tyrant, she was not without her supporters. Khezvaran merchants, whose competitors fell to Tolva's bandits while they benefited from her protection, were able to monopolize trade in the region. Local businesses of all kinds made money hand over fist when one of Tolva's raiding parties returned to town flush with cash, and even the destitute saw hope in the chance that they could begin a new life of wealth and adventure in service of the Queen of Thieves. When Tolva's army played the decisive role in defending the city from a Horse Lords army, her status as a folk hero was cemented.   With the Khezvaran citizenry firmly under her sway, Tolva knew that she could take control of the town by force with a wave of her hand, and so did the Ispan. When Tolva made her request for formal power over the city, the Ispan agreed to meet with her rather than face an uprising he had no chance of quelling. By the time negotiations were over, Tolva and several of her lieutenants had become members of the nobility and Tolva herself was granted the title of Meguvyurno, a title that can be translated as either "shield maiden" or "the hidden lady."

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Tolva was famous for always wearing a veil, even in the company of her closest allies. Since veils were uncommon accessories for Tarsaks at the time, Tolva's Veil has become the subject of many legends.
Year of Death
145 AE
Circumstances of Death
Stories vary
Biological Sex
Hazel, Green, or Violet (reports vary)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Related Myths
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