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Kadonas Nardianes

Kadonas Nardianes

Wants desperately to be a Master of the Ring in the Enaian Mage School. Arrogant & Cruel. He aims to use his daughter Kheirasmin Nardianes to further his desires for power within the Enaian Mage-School. Though a handsome man he has very poor people skills as he can be a bit abrupt and unforgiving towards mistakes by other people. Though his mother is Elifa of Talindis, (it is only one city after all even though a very big one), he always felt more power was to be obtained through magic and the powerful Enaian Mage-school. But he still wanted to inherit Talindis, so when he discovered he had a daughter he took her from her uncle and presented the girl to his mother, Belijandra Nardianes. Though his mother distrusted his motives she took pity on the shy child and agreed to take her in. Kadonas is a cold person who doesn’t seem to understand people’s emotions. He thinks that if Kheirasmin inherits the city of Talindis from his mother then he will be able to rule through her.


Family Ties


Kheirasmin Nardianes

Daughter (Trivial)

Towards Kadonas Nardianes




Kadonas Nardianes

Father (Important)

Towards Kheirasmin Nardianes




Legal Status

Parent Child

Year of Birth
742 (40 years old)
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
Light Brown
Aligned Organization
Enaian Mage School
Known Languages
Daurellian Language, Suannin Language, Valassan Language, Tanoine Language

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