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Hannae Taemyan

Zharinna Hannae Uliana Taemyan

Mad, paranoid and very dangerous, Princess (Zharinna) of the Cammontar Empire. She was the heir to the throne of the Cammontar Empire, scheduled to be coronated on her 25th birthday, but 3 months before that date she seemed to suffer a psychotic break. She was accused of having attempted to murder her young brother Maksim Temyan and removed from the line of succession.  

She is still loved by her brother, Samiik Temyan even though she has also tried to kill him. Mistrusting others with her well being, he kidnaps her and takes her with him when he lays leads the conquest of the nations to the west of the Cammontar Empire. He will make sure to have dinner with her each evening, where he talks calmly to her, even if he has to be wary of letting her get hold of a knife. She slowly begins to soften her aggression towards him (but not anyone else). Samiik suspects Zaleriya's madness was induced somehow by Oraven Romasko.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Violently insane


Family Ties

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Zharinna (Princess) of the Cammontar Empire
Year of Birth
756 AA 126 Years old
Biological Sex
Light Blue
Long, Dark Brown
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
House Taemyan
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
Anastasia Sivayeva

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