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Daemo Taemyan

Zharev Daemo Chaceuzkan Taemyan (a.k.a. The Black Prince)

The Cammontar Empire empire is ruled by two rulers. The Zhar (Emperor), who is a Humani noble, usually of House Temyan and the Yakshini (Empress), an Aalevi Najjai (Sorceress). Though both are of different species, these two are married in a special coronation ceremony where their lives are entwined. If one dies, so does the other. If one suffers a wound, so does the other. They are not expected to become lovers (in fact this is quite rare) as the marriage is ceremonial in nature and since they are different species, they can not have children together.   Young Prince (Zharev) of the Cammontar Empire. He is currently the heir to the throne of the Cammontar Empire after his sister's disqualification and is currently betrothed to Nurayana. A melancholy man who has suffered multiple assassination attempts. A brilliant general who always believes he is right. He is also a deadly swordsman. He is dedicated to the care and safety of his sister. He has a rather dark reputation and is often refereed to as the "Black Prince".   He is sent to lead the Imperial Army currently annexing the nations to the west of the Cammontar Empire. Despite his personal thoughts over the matter he has been forced to accept being accompanied to the west by Nurayana. Unknown to him, the ceremony that saw them off on their journey also involved his surreptitious marriage to Nurayana. So he is not aware that his life and Nurayana's are now entwined.   Halfway during the journey to the west, it is revealed that he has kidnapped his sister, Zaleriya Temyan, and brought her along with him on his campaign. His reasoning being that he does not trust his uncle, Oraven Romasko to not have her killed. This kidnapping is used politically by his uncle to try and have him removed from the succession for the same reason as his sister, mental instability. He makes sure to have dinner each evening with his sister, even though she is quite willing to kill him in her madness. He talks to her calmly, telling her about his day, treating her like she is still his beloved sister, though he is very careful to keep knives out of her reach.   Despite his marriage to Nurayana being a political one, and both being different species, he does fall deeply in love with her.


Family Ties

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Zharev (Prince) of the Cammontar Empire
Year of Birth
760 AA 122 Years old
Biological Sex
Light Blue
Short Brown
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
House Taemyan
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
Vladimir Burlakov

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