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Hell or High Water Report

General Summary

Freeing themselves from the cave, some of the party went their separate ways for the time being. However, after meeting with the horrid tosculi hive queen, agreed to destroy the northern Oda tribe. Playing both sides, they told the Oda chieftain what had really happened to his supposedly dead son. Now, the party, freed, seeks to free the captured son, gain the partnership of the Oda, and potentially if it comes to it, destroy the Indrst.

Rewards Granted

+1613 worth of GP and liquid assets.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Agreed to aid the Indrst Hive in moving or eliminating the Loxodon Oda Tribe for several political reasons such as competition and recent famine.  
  • Following this, told the Oda Tribe chieftain, Magella, that his son was still alive and persuaded him to aid the party.
  • Discussed and found several possible ways to handle this, but ultimately for the time being settled on attempting to surgically remove the son, Magiln, through tunneling.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Met the Indrst Hive and Hive Queen.
  • Met the Oda Tribe and chieftain, Magella.
  • Managed to swindle 1613 GP worth of material out of both the Oda and Indrst.

Created Content

  • Infernal Code
  • Tosculi Society
  • Additional Loxodon Culture
  • Additional Oda tribe information
  • Indrst Hive function
Luno Imagine Breaker
Nimona Alistar
Makatza Durrinsdotter
Level 5 Tiefling N Cleric
(Haunted One)
/ 33 HP
Report Date
28 Jan 2020
Primary Location

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