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Scarlet's Sanctum

"Meet us at the summit."

"...and with leads going nowhere, all anybody can do is speculate. With the victim having vanished into what seems like thin air, experts haven't been able to discern whether there was an effort to run, or if foul play is involved. If they were to run, we have to wonder, who, or what, were they trying to escape from? And if they were to be taken, we have to wonder... what in the world can cause someone to vanish without a trace?"   -The MetroPages (Issue 395, Article 4, Paragraph 3)


Everyone is equal, everyone is one. A hivemind in a sense, all working towards the same goal, exalting those who oppose them from within.

Public Agenda

They are hidden from the public, only showing themselves to those with the trademark scarlet eyes.

Discover what lies beyond.

Founding Date
Religious, Cult

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