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Virginia McKinney

Virginia McKinney

Virginia McKinney was a hard working miner since she was old enough to pick up a pick axe. She was a woman who believed in doing her part for the team. Though when the company made cutbacks to her mining camp that caused the deaths of some of the miners she formed a protest.   This protest was made to push for more safety precautions and better wages. The company on the other hand felt that the workers should be happy to get what they get and should get back to work. When Virginia pushed her fellow workers to continue the protest the company would send Salire Guards and their own security force to deal with the problem.   Thus the Miners Rebellion occurred which lead to the death of many miners. Virginia would end up surviving and being taken away to be forces to serve years at the Prison camp where she would continue to mine for the rest of her days.   Though along the way her transport would meet disaster and she and the guards would end up dead. Though her body was never found, most believe no one could survive the frozen lands during the dead of winter.

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