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The Unbroken

The Unbroken is a group formed by some survivors of the miners rebellion and those who were inspired by the event. They are group pushing for change through protest, though are willing to take more aggressive actions to get their way. Willing to cause property damage and do whatever it takes to add to the cost of companies that cause suffering of their workers. Because of the groups ability to hide among the common workers, it is hard to track down it's members.


The Unbroken formed after the Miners Rebelion, by members who survived. They would grow in numbers by stroking the anger of those mistreated by those in power. All for a bid to better their lives as workers. They don't fight to abolish the system, they simple want to be treated better.

We will remain unbroken by the corrupt actions of those in power.

Illicit, Rebel

Cover image: Chronciles Title by Michael Blue


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