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The Story Teller

(a.k.a. The Story Teller)

The Story Teller is an old man who has a tendency to show up at the new tavern. He loves a good drink and telling stories about the city of Salire, the times before the city, and even more recent events of the city. Some find his stories entertaining, while others find him a bit of an annoyance.   The owner of the tavern on the other hand is rather fond of him. Sometimes even asking for one of his tales when the night is slow. While the owner still doesn't know his name, she does remember him from the old tavern. Always sitting in the corner, willing to tell a tale to anyone who desired to hear.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A frail old man who still has a spring in his step. Who has been known to catch a coin that has been tossed his way.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears simple clothes with a hat. He may where different things, but he always wears the hat.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Story Teller has been telling his tales for a long time. Having had showed up at the old tavern one day to spend time with drinks and stories. Many who grew up in the old days remember the old man and his tales. This was how many learned of where the city came from and what interesting events have occurred in the city.   Though when the old tavern shut down. No one knew what happened to the old man. He stopped being seen around town and many though he had passed away. Though when the new owner of the tavern opened their doors. In walked the old story teller, ready to spin a yarn to those who had an ear.   Now once again he continues to do what he does best. Telling the tales of the city for anyone willing to share a drink and maybe a meal.

Intellectual Characteristics

The storyteller is a knowledgeable man who seeks out stories. Through stories he learns some truths of the world and by telling them he shares that knowledge to others. For stories connect all.

Personality Characteristics


The power of story is his only motivation. To pass on knowledge through story so that others may become better because of it.
Looks 70
Known Languages
He knows the many tales of the city. The tales all should know and some that very few truly know. They are his to tell and uses them to entertain anyone willing to listen.

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