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The Shimmering Canyon

The Shimmering Canyon is a canyon located good distance away from the city of Salire. The place was given the name thanks to the shimmering light that comes from the canyon when the sun rises in it's direction. Once thought to hold some gold or even some valuable crystals. So far no investigation of the place had yet to prove anything of worth inside these canyons.   Though most investigations don't go to far in because of the chance of falling ice and possible dangerous creatures that make the canyons their home. Those who have went to far in were lost with out a trace. This has made many discouraged to find out what lies deep with in those canyons.


A deep canyon that has shimmering crystals and ore that shine when the sun hits.  Rocky Edges with sharp shards sticking out. Deep within these canyons are caves that may possible dig deep into the underground. The sound of water can be heard deep within. Those seeking it rarely find this source.

Natural Resources

Coal:   Coal can be found in the Shimmering Canyons if you dig deep enough. Which has made many tempted to set up a mine there.   Crystals:   There are many different crystals that can be found with in the Shimmering Canyons some of which have magical properties.   Gems:   Iron:

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