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The Lost Apprentice

The Lost Apprentice is the fourth apprentice of Professor Theobald. This apprentice was once a child of the Slum who met an old man who taught her many secrets. She would then find her way through life using the knowledge she gained. Reaching the Salire Institute of Technology through hard work and earning a scholarship for her merit.   Once at the school she would devour knowledge like a ravenous beast. Not caring much for social life when their was knowledge to be gained. Eventually she would get into a special class where she was given the chance to be an apprentice to Professor Theobald.   Proving herself to be the fourth apprentice with her vast knowledge on different things. Mainly focused with the relics of the Volza and how they can be used to advance society. Though during one experiment that created subject 22, she felt their work had went to far and decided to go her own way.

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