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The Heart of the Forge

The Heart of the Forge is a legendary artifact said to be buried deep underground in the under waste. This artifact is said to be key to reactivating the forge and even locating the forge. The Legend of the Artifact first was learned from a book said to be the last journal of a Volza who had reached the frozen lands using the underwaste to navigate pass the presari defense.


It was believed to be created by the volza long ago when they first made the Great Forge. This allowed them to properly regulate and control the forge to create the things they would need. When the First decedent war was ending a group of Volzian took the heart to move it far from the forge in order to build a settlement far from the volzian homeland once it was cursed by the Fallen One.


It is a rather important artifact seen as the key to forging a new future when combined with the great forge said to be left by the Volza.
Item type
Unique Artifact
A one of a kind artifact that has yet to be proven real.

Cover image: Chronciles Title by Michael Blue


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