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The Freelancer

The Freelancer is one of the central plots to my story. The Freelancer was a freelancer who ventured into the underground in search of the Heart of the forge. They are believed to have faced many threats below and was able to uncover the heart and the way to the great forge. After this they would head west and seek the forge for themselves. Many see this individual as a myth or legend. Though many define themselves by this person.

Plot points/Scenes

The Tale of the Freelancer is Introduced through the Story Teller:   The Tale of the Freelancer is one of the first stories told by the Story Teller. There he explains the many jobs and adventurers of this Freelancer who would eventually be given the job of seeking the heart of the forge. How the Freelancer traveled deep into the under waste to secure the heart and the secrets of the great forge.     The Introduction of the Owner of the Tavern:   Tale of the Owners Past:



The conflict of the plot is that thanks to the freelancer's adventure to the under waste built a desire for adventure and freedom in those who call the slums home. This has also made many who seek the heart to try to find the truth of the freelancer and to uncover where the freelancer hid the heart. So at the heart of the conflict is who is the freelancer?
Plot type
A Plot Beat

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