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The Tarune are magical creatures that look normally like small serpents. These serpents are capable of changing their forms based on the situations they find themselves in. The Tarune are proctors of sacred places and people deemed worthy of protection. Long ago many powerful priest or shamans would be gifted a Tarune as their protector. Some deminor belive Tarunes are the reincarnated ancestors of some of the great families. What is known is that those lucky enough to gain a Tarune are destined for greatness.
  It is said the Tarune were the original dragons of old and were gifted with great magic. Sadly they were liars and cheats who did not honor a deal like the dragons of now. So they were punished to always be subservient to another and given a weaker form that could barely house the power they once held.

Basic Information


Tarunes are normally serpentlike when in their natural form. Though they can shift in size, gain limbs, and even mimic aspects of other animals. They can take on elemental aspects based on those who are bonded to them or even they are fed elementally charged zidsan pearls.

Genetics and Reproduction

Tarunes mate only once in their life and give birth to many eggs that will hatch within a few months. While they are naturally genderless they instead reproduce by sharing essence with another Tarune and then ingesting large amounts of zidsan pearls or pure essence. Both parents end up laying their share of eggs and work to protect their combined bounty.

Growth Rate & Stages

Tarunes grow rather quickly and reach their average size within a year. At first, they can only shift into forms similar in size tot heir natural form. With time they are capable of taking larger sizes thanks to their manipulation of the essence and their experience in meeting other animals.

Ecology and Habitats

Tarunes can live anywhere as long as they have a supply of zidsan pearls or beings capable of feeding them essence.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They feed on zidsan pearls and essence. They can eat fruit and meat, but only do that when traveling with someone they wish to protect.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

They are used as companions and allies. Capable of turning into forms capable of riding and even flight. They can protect their owner or help their owner with their work as they are capable of moving large things in their bigger forms. Some even use them to track targets or bounties.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have enhanced senses compared to the animal normal animals. They are able to see the essence in its base form, which gives them an advantage when tracking individuals capable of magic or has strong wills. This makes them good for tracking.
Conservation Status
Tarunes are revered creatures that many wouldn't dare harm out of fear for their power and what they may protect.

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