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Summer Camp Pledge 2022

Summer Camp is next month which gives me a chance to breath life into my world and help forge my world to better support my stories. This is perfect timing as I plan to do some heavy writing and art soon and I can have a better foundation for my future work.  

Creative Goal:

  I want to develop the city of Salire and the outside world by developing the history that lead to its founding and the development that followed.  


  I'm Exited to see what I can come up with in order to further develop my world before I try to make some new short stories set in my world.

My Challenge Goal:

  I want to finish all my prompts and read other prompts to give advice or see what others have came up with. This way I can develop my world and help others in their creative endeavors.  

Summer Camp 2022 Themes:



  The world of unsu is filled with expansive locations like the frozen lands that are covered in ice, the underwaste that is a deep cavernous land deep underground, and the western lands that have variety of expansive locations. Even the city of Salire can be considered a expansive as it grow to meet the growing population and the demand for the products the city builds in it's factories.  


  Their are many important leaders I could develop by establishing those who ruled the city of Salire when it was just a small Village of survivors seeking refuge from the coming war. To the current Nobles who govern the daily lives of those who work hard to survive the industrious city of the present. There's also the leaders of the empire to those who decide the fate of the alliance. All play key roles in shaping the world in their own ways through their decisions.  


  There are many discoveries to focus on, like lost ruins and relics. The thrill of adventure to discover new lands or the studies on the secrets of magic. Even the development of new technologies or the cures to dangerous afflictions. Discovery is at the heart of the progress for those who call unsu home.  


  Their is always danger in the world, be it from the beast of the wilds or the people who try to tame the land. Monsters can be the natural threats of the land or the very leaders who rule with an iron fist. As civilization grows many will be faces with the monsters that lies at the edge of civilization or are created from messing with things you shouldn't have.

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