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Prompt 5: Zid Valin

The craft of a Zid Valin is one to behold. Their skill to sculpt wood into different figures is impresive, but nothing compares to what they can do with the sap of the zidian. Creating rune stones that rival the ones created by any of the magical races. Capable of bringing out the true power that lies deep within the stones they crafted - A Noble
    The Zid Valin is an old human tribe, who's decedents can be found in the frozen lands and areas of the western lands. A mysterious Culture who blend crafts and magic together, creating beautiful pieces of art that hold power. Mostly known for their skill with creating totems and runes.   The Zid Valin trade their creations with others to provide for themselves and as a means to spread their culture across the land. The settlement set up in the frozen land often trades with the city of Salire using the bark and sap of the zidian trees they nurture.   They currently have a deal with the nobles that means that all the things they make be they rune stones or artwork will be sold directly to them before reaching anyone else in the city. This was done so that rune stones don't end up spread across the city allowing people to cast magic.

The Art of the Zid Valin

  An art exhibition is being held at the Salire Art Museum to showcase the art of the Zid Valin. The hardworking tribe who have earned their place amongst our city by willingly aiding our nobles with their skills. Creating Art that moves the heart and crafting rune stones that have been key to the production of quality goods. Anyone can get a taste of their culture if they can afford a ticket. - The Salire Times

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