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Prompt 29: Carson's Greith Mining Camp

Carson's Greith Mining Camp is the latest camp established by the Carson Mining Corporation. Thanks to the recent contract they moved quick in establishing their new camp as quickly as possible. With plans to expand the camp into a bustling town thanks to the expectation of the resources buried deep in the mountain.   The Yield from the mine has already netted the company a large profit thanks to the coal and iron that seemed to found within. They have also found other ore like copper on other sides of the mountain. Their hope is to find all that they need to supply the town for the next fifty years.   Many other groups have began making deals with the settlement in hopes to either help build it up by providing resources or entertainment for the workers. Groups like the Hunting clans are trying to secure the hunting rights for the area around the camp as a means to supply the town with meat and gain access to setting up a new hunters camp in the area.

Carson's Greith Mining Camp opens for business

  Carson's latest mining camp has opened it doors for workers. Already they have been making record hauls from the ore found in the mountain. With the possible profit and longevity of the camp, many have been trying to secure contracts to help in expanding the camp. One such contract is from the owner of the Sapphire Palace who wishes to establish a gambling haul in the camp.   They are up against Helia who also wishes to establish what they call a den of pleasure. So far no one has hinted at which one will be accepted. Though Gianna Carson commented "Why not both" when asked during one of her trips back from the mining camp. -The Salire Times

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