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Prompt 26: Gianna Carson

Gianna Carson is a powerful woman who holds an important place in Carson Mining. Though most in the city know her for being a woman who is always in the pursuit for love. I remember one tale well she took this one woman who caught her eye on a wild ride through out the city even taking a carriage ride to the town of Helia. Even as she left the woman after their week of fun she made sure to leave the woman a gift to remember her by. A single ring made with a precious gem. - A man with a glass of whiskey
    Gianna Carson is a woman focused on finding love and enjoyment from any man or woman who catches her fancy. A beautiful and charming woman who is also dedicated to furthering the power of her family's company. While not the head of the company, she does deal with most of the negotiation as many can't escape her charm.   Though most in the public only know her for the many stories that have been written of her conquests. Able to get even the most reserved person to fall for her with just a glance. She has been a common visitor to the Sapphire Palace and the town of Helia mainly getting others to spend money on her. Though if she finds someone truly impressive or finds joy in someone beneath her she will open her purse to treat them to something amazing.   Recently she has been spending her time with one of the young nobles who has caught her fancy. Though no one has figured out which noble as their relationship has mostly been kept secret. Some wonder if she will finally settle down or is this will end up another one of her conquests.

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