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Prompt 21: The Sapphire Palace

The Sapphire Palace is a place of entertainment and debauchery. A place where any pleasure and fun can be found, though always at a price that makes you come back for more. That's the rub actually, they give you what you want at reasonable prices only for you to become addicted to what they offer.   They deal in repeat customers, who they can milk for everything. Now when you drained you dry of  all your money, they find other ways to make a profit from you. Some of the people working their have ran afoul of the casino. While far worse for those who end up paying their debt beyond the walls of the casino.
    The Sapphire Palace is a Casino that is is ran in the Sapphire district. Ran by a powerful crime lord who masquerades as a legit business woman. She has orchestrated many of the crime that takes place in the city. Striving to control all illegal goods in the city and eventually buy her way into the noble council.   The Palace itself is a magnificent casino where people can have a chance at winning big. The games are rather fair and aren't rigged as some would think. Mostly based around games of skill that pits players against each other. It also makes sure to supply entertainment for all who wish for some fun. A place where music and shows occur all through the night. Even those from the higher ranks of society find their way down here.   Now in the back rooms of the palace deals are made and information is gained. While the casino provides every possible pleasure, it also uses that to gather info on the powerful people who walk through the door. Using that info to get access to more info and even some goods that they will sell to the highest bidder.

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