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Prompt 19: The Quest of Freedom

The Quest of Freedom is a letter written to all of Salire. To those who slave in the factories, the mines, and the streets. To even those who work in ivory towers that watch over all things. A letter that is a call to action to seek freedom and adventurer. That our future is west bound back to where it all began and where it all will end. - A simple man
  The letter was written by a freelancer who explained their last journey into the under waste and how they uncovered a great treasure. The letter also explaing their desire for freedom and how through there jouney they found something greater than the treasure itself. A purpose and true understanding of freedom. Thats why the letter also tells of their promise to head west and see the world. Using the treasure as a means for more adventure.   For a time the letter was spread far and wide in the city of Salire and the Frozen lands. Though the nobles would eventually take action to stop the spread as the letter promoted the spirit of adventure which clashed with the nobles need for the populous to be focused on their menial jobs.   No one could every place who actual wrote it. Thanks to the nobles, many began to doubt if the letter was written truthfully or simply a story created to breed discourse in the current system. Though those who have chosen to be free have chosen to take it to heart. Becoming a symbol to those who call themselves freelancers in hope of one day becoming adventurers.


It was a letter to both embolden the desire of freedom in others and a farewell to those who truly knew the writer. A means to put the eyes of the city westward and not to look for them in the city they once called home.

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