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Prompt 12: Snow Shade

What makes the icey barrens so dangerous, isn't the shift in the weather than can catch you off guard. No it's the beast that stalks the snow and creeps ever close to you waiting to strike at the right moment. So it can feast on those foolish to wander into it's territory.  Which happens to be the whole of the barrens. - A Hunter with many Scars
    A snow shade is a mysterious creature the seems to have thrived in the Icey Barrens. This creature is said to stalk the snow and will strike when someone or something is all alone. Not many have caught a glimpse of the creature, with only the hunters brave enough to hunt in the icey barrens having witness the creature and lived to tell the tale.   Each hunter have described almost whole different appearances of the creature though their were common traits that could be compiled. It walks on four legs and has fur or skin that is the color of snow. Sharp teeth and claws that could rip flesh easily off of any creature or man. Eyes that glow in the moonlight giving off a spirit like blue glow. Some even said that it has full control of the snow that was around it.   So far their are two possibilities some researchers of theorized. Either it is a simple beast that has taking advantage of it's environment in a masterful way. The other is that it could be a a guardian beast gifted by an ice spirit. So far nothing conclusive has been decided.

The Snow Shade or Shades strikes Again

  Another caravan falls victim to the dreaded snow shade. a beast that seems to thrive in the Icey Barrens. What is unsure if the damage done to the caravan was done by one beast or was it a whole pack of them. How their is no survivors had lead some to believe that their isn't just one. Experts have also found evidence of different size claw marks that lend to the idea that their is more than one stalking the snow.

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