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Professor Pearce

Professor Nora Pearce

Professor Pearce was the previous head of the Salire Institute of Technology. She was in charge during the time that Theobald started going to the School.  She is who aided him in Interning at the Salire Military Labs and who would later hand over her seat on the council. Pearce was a kind woman who saw the possibilities of the future. She was someone who sought the beterment of all humans. She felt every human even those who called the slums home had the potiential to do great things.   It is this belife that lead her to accepting the suggestion from an old friend in taking Theobald as a student. It is also what lead her to spend her time taking care and funding the orphanages of the city. While many know her for her kindness, only a few know how ruthless she can be.   Professor Theobald has commonly said that anyone who would dare harm one of the children under her care are going to face a fate worse than death. Some have imparted that she would do anything for the betterment of humans even accept the suffering of others if it was for the purpose of human advancement.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

An old woman who does her best to keep in shape.  She may not be in her prime, but she isn't out of shape, at least for her age.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nora Pearce was born to a family who has been around near the founding of the city. A family that did well for itself with it's investments in business and working more professional jobs. Though Nora was a bit of a rebel in her family and spent many of her young life hanging around the outer portion of the city before it gained the name of slums.   There she would meet an old man where her fascination with science and ancient technology. From him she would lean many secrets and figure out her purpose in life. To become a Forge Master and lean the secrets of the Volza so she could use it to aid the humans of her city.


Studied at the Salire Institute of Technology:   Nora Pearce studied at the Salire Institute in hopes of learning ways to help those less than her. There she would learn everything she needed to know, though still desiring more knowledge in order to push the city forward.   Began learning the ways of a Forge Master:

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