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Lyra Nicholson

Lyra Nicholson

Lyra is Professor Theobald's number one apprentice. The one he values the most as she resembles an aspect of his old professor. Not in the kindness that she holds, but in her ruthlessness and desire for the future of humanity. Lyra took part in Thobalds research on blood magic and magic corruption. It is through this research that she created her thesis on the power of magic and how it can change people into their true selves.   Having had studied the philosphy of the two balances that the Presari and Deminor adher to. She felt that there was some truth to this belief. That those who dabble with magic will awaken to their true self. Though she wondered what would it take to alter somones true self. Is their a way to turn someone who embodied water, into a creature of flame. What does it take to make a kind man into a monster who desires to destroy all who stand in their way.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A good looking woman who takes care of herself. She is rather agile and good at moving around the place.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lyra Nicholson was born to a well to do family that allowed her to do as she pleased. While she wasn't from a noble family she was from a rather upperclass family. This has developed a sense of supiority over those she considers beneath her. At a certain point she began to develop a fascination with how to manipulate those around her.    When she finally went to the Salire Institute of Technology she proved her intelligence by taking part in studies of physiology and essence. When she heard of Professor Theobald's class she knew she needed to get into it. Taking advantage of a potnential student for the class she manipulates him to allow her to take a his place.   Once in the class she proved her self dangerous in her pursuit for knowledge. Willing to experiment on others if it would both eliminate a threat and grow her place in the class. In the end she became his first apprentice when she came up with the theory of converting someone's true self.

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