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Edmond Faylare

Edmond Faylare

Edmond Faylare is the second apprentice to Professor Theobald. Edmond Is also a son of a blacksmith and finds beauty in weapons and tools. A master crafter and engineer who can create machines of death or tools that can make life easier.   He has no care for how the things he creates are used for. Only the challenge of crafting and engineering excites him. He aids the Professor by crafting machines to solve problems or does his best to reengineer ancient machines.    Currently he is working with Carson Mining to solve their worker problem and to secure more green iron for the professors research.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A somewhat muscular man who built his tone from working the forge. Not really agile at all as he has no experience in fights.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Edmond Faylare comes from a well to do family of blacksmiths who crafts masterworks for the nobles of Salire. Edmond on the other hand wanted more challenge he wanted to create things that others haven’t. To solve hard problems with his skill and his mind.   It was this mindset that allowed him to convince his parents to let him go to the institute. There he would prove himself by engineering machines to solve problems and figuring out the designs of ancient machines.   This would get him a seat in Professor Theobald’s special class. While he struggled to fit in at first, he would prove himself by impressing the Professor with one of his designs. He would then be given all he needs to bring his machine to life.   In the end he was chosen as the second of five students who were worthy of the title apprentice.


Trained by his Family as a Black Smith:   He was trained by his family in the way of the blacksmith. This set up the foundation of his skills and fascinations with building things from metal. Only wishing to use these skills to build things that could prove a challenge.     Went to The Salire Institute of Technology to Learn Engineering:   Became Second Apprentice to Professor Theobald:

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