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Brody Doyle

Brody Doyle

Brody Doyle was a child of the slum who had a skill for understanding herbs and chemicals. Having learned these skills from an old shaman who had turned into a doctor of the slums. It was while working at the shamans place that he met Professor Theobald who was looking for knowledge on old herbs.   Instead he found Brody Doyle who showed great skill in medicine thanks to the shaman. So he gave the young man a chance to take part at his institute where he could learn the science behind medicine. Once at the institute he flourished as his understanding of herbs grew with the knowledge held at the school. He would also grow fascinated by the chemicals used to create medicines.   In time he would take his spot as the third apprentice of Professor Theobald. Using his skill with herbs and chemicals he helped create medicines and drugs that could be used to help advance human society.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Brody Doyle started life in one of the orphanages set up in the slums. Not getting to old before he started running around the city with a bad crowd. Luckily for him he would run into a doctor who use to be a shaman who helped him out one time when he ends up way over his head.   He would repay the doctor's help by working for him and learning about herbs. This would lead to him eventually meeting Professor Theobald when the man came to learn about the herbs the doctor used.


Studied under an old Shaman turned Doctor:   Studied at the Salire Institute of Technology:   Became Apprentice to Professor Theobold:


Worked as an apprentice to an old shaman:   Work as an apprentice to Professor Theobald   Became a Doctor at Salire Medical

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