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Beast Blood

Beast Blood carry a sad fate of having to do all they can to now follow their instincts. Even before an awakening they are watched and seen as wild beast trying to play as normal. Long ago the beast blood was seen as great warriors as they learn to control the beast to embrace it when necessary.   Now civilization has made these individuals obsolete and they end up lost as the pressure of life eventually breaks them. Leaving them with the only response to fight or to run. - The Story Teller.
    Beast Blood is a condition that causes the afflicted to slowly lose their humanity as their more primal instincts take hold. Many considered anyone who has beast blood as someone who is highly dangerous as they can lose it and harm others. Those who have beats blood can be known as physically stronger and able. Some even having advance senses.   Their are not a lot of Beast Blood as it is something passed down by parents to the children. Most Beast Blood afflicted are terminated if they show any signs of losing it. Leading to a really low rate of a beast blood showing up.

Transmission & Vectors

Beast Blood is normally transmitted through decedents who have the affliction.  Though it can also spread from one who has been consumed fully by the beast blood and has reach stage five in the condition.


The effect of beast blood can happen when a user begins to show increased aggression toward others and situations. This is triggered by emotions and can be enhanced because of high exposure to Primal essence that can cause the awakening of said blood. Luckily with so few primal spirits in the frozen lands their is less like of a chance of an awakening.

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Cover image: Chronciles Title by Michael Blue


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