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Church of Mikistli

Public Agenda

To ferry the living to the land of the dead.

Tenets of Faith

Death is kind. Death is patient. Death is inevitable.   Mikistli does not fight you. In fact, she will often fight for you. She will gather you home, eventually. She always does. But She wishes to enjoy your life before She harvests you. Mikistli treasures those who fight Her most ardently. She loves the healers, the defenders, the survivalists. The necromancers and the mad scientists, and even the immortal gods. Those who pour everything they have into fighting Her embrace, into denying Her. She adores every desperate scrap of strength and will and brilliance, and all the raw determination poured out against Her. Mikistli is the one who catches you when that strength fails, when your will and brilliance run out; She is the one who gathers you close beneath Her warm, dark cloak and whispers "Well done, oh sweet child. You were magnificent. Well done."   She does not seek to hasten an inevitable end; in fact, She chastises those who seek to hasten it in Her name. Mikistli and Her slowly and patiently plot and sow and siphon away from the great monsters of the world; who are they to hasten Her domain? Who are they to deny Death its time and place? Who are they to cut short these vital glories that illuminate the world so? Who are they to presume upon Her will, that is so much larger and longer than theirs? Who are they to call, and to presume that Mikistli, of all beings, should obey?   She is not a hunter, but a gatherer who is always and eternal, who loves you and cheers for you, and who can afford to wait. She is a Reaper who will fight for you and defend you, who will place Her hand upon those who would speed you to Her embrace, who has no need to rush you, only to greet you when you call.   Death is kind.   Death is patient.   And, before all and above all, inevitable

The End of All Things

Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Death Wardens, Reapers, White Shrouds
Permeated Organizations


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