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Get rid of them!

This document was a formal request sent by the Rayn of Solthar Pherus II to the Arcan of Vrahlis, Jaos Denns asking him to "get rid" of the Soulmage that had sought refuge in his city and the cities of the Arcanis under him. Jaos Denes would refuse to carry out the order, triggering a series of political crises eventually culminating in the separation of the Enaskian and Arrosian Temples, an even called the Solian Schism.


This document tried to force the temple of Vrahlis to follow up on the previous request made a couple of years beforehand, asking them to "rid themselves of the influence of Uxal", referencing the supposed innate evil and darknes of Soulmages.

Historical Details


The second age was in full swing and Soulmages had existed for centuries at this point. Howver, during those times, they had been victims of widespread discrimination, attacks and harassments, particularly in Darnia, who was a Solian nation aswell as in other Solian nations, though to a lesser degree.   That is because the mainstream way of viewing Soulmages made them seem inherently evil and colluding with Uxal. As a result, a lot of soulmages escaped Southern Enask and Northern Samaria, to regions such as Northern Enask and western Arros, where discrimination was less or almost non-existant. Some of them ended up in Vrahlis, a Solian city-state, but with a fate that had been influenced by their old Hazian gods.   This influence, as well as the opportunities presented by the prospect of a bunch of powerful magic users under their control made them ignore the decree sent by the High Temple where they were asked to rid themselves of all those Soulmages.   The High temple then sent another request, which is this one. Vrahlis refused.


With the refusal of Vrahlis to follow through with the request, the Rayn of Solthar plotted to overthrow him and replace him with a puppet. This would trigger a series of events that eventually split Solianism into two denominations, known today as Arrosian/Eastern Solianism and Western Solianism.


Unlike the first document, which historicalyy marks the start of the Solian schism, this document is viewed as the catalist that would eventualy trigger the split of the Temples.
The "s" is Arcanis is silent. Both Arcani and its plural version Arcanis are said the same way.
Decree, Religious
Authoring Date
1375 BC


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