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Dagfar Flower

Also called Red July, the Dagfar is a flower plant best known for its leaves, who are used for their medicinal properties, as well as because of their sweet taste.

Basic Information


The plant possesses a strong root system that allows it to anchor itself onto the flancs of steep mountains. The main body of the plant is composed of a single stem, off of which a dozen or so leaves grow out, generally in groups of three. The stem generally reaches a height of 30 centimeters and is topped with a large bud. This bud produces a beautiful bright red flower during the month of july.

Ecology and Habitats

The plant grows in patches along the flanks of the Dragon mountains in northern Arros. Its roots anchor it to the dirt or gravel along the flanks. The plant seems to prefer sunny and windy areas, possibly to help the growth of its leaves during the shorth summers and to scatter its seeds more effectively.

Biological Cycle

Since the plant is situated in high altitudes and near polar regions, its biological cycle is quite short. The growing period is between the month of may and september. During this time, the plant will produce up to a dozen short oval leaves while its main stem will grow a couple centimeters. A flower will bloom at its top in the month of july and release its seed before drying up and dying by mid august. By september, when sunlight becomes scarcer and temperatures begin to drop, the Dagfar plant with cut off circulation to its leaves. These leaves will dry up and eventually fly away. As the first snows start to fall in the dragon mountains, the plant enters a dormance period that will last from the months of October to May, when the plant will reemerge from the snow and bloom again.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Depending on the use, the leaves are collected from the plant itself either when dried, or not. In all cases, if the leaves fell to the ground, they are deemed unusable and will be left alone.    If they are to be used for their medicinal properties, the leaves will be collected when dried up but still connected to the stem. The dried leaves are then shredded and used in various potions. These potions, when drank, help the person relax and alleviate their pain. However, consuming those leaves for too long or consuming to much of them in a short amount of time will make the person lethargic. In magic wielders, the leaves also have minor healing properties, as it was observed that mages would heal faster if they drank those potions while being wounded.   if instead, the leaves are used because of their sweet taste, then they are collected when still fresh. They are then placed whole in a round metal box with water. The water will then be left to freeze in the cold temperatures and preserve the leaves until late December, where they will then be thawed and chopped up, before being added into Svekh to give it its sweet taste.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The plant grows in small patches along the flanks of the Dragon mountains in northern Arros. Some have been found in the Vekhoman and Dorroman mountains also, but they aren't as common there as in the Dragon mountains.
20-30 years.


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