Chronicles of Andorra

1235, 3rd Age

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Andorra is a beautiful world with lush green fields, dense forests and damp jungles to a windsweeped desert, vast mountain ranges. All of this is divided among four main continents: Arren (named after the god of Creation), Iiauskana (Homeland of Elves), Forbidding Desert and Silveira (Cradle of Creation). While Andorra is home a plethora amount of species, a total of eight races of them standout as sentient. they are known as: Man(mar), Elves (zuor/zarveen), Dragons (dagor), Pixies (Vurstá), Dwarves, Changelings, Gnomes (extinct), and Centaurs (extinct). In present day, the races live in an almost peaceful time, all I should say except for the dagor who are pretty much endangered, and the Gnomes & Centaurs who are both extinct. With that said, Andorra has five major nations. The first and most influential is the Kingdom of Dragton, it is ruled by the Tront Royal House as the head of state(high king), its territory occupies the eastern side of the Continent of Arren.   The second is known as the Empire of Arcadia which controls the western side of Arren. it is the strongest and wealthiest country on Andorra. As well as the most politically diverse in terms of leadership. The third is a island continent known as Iiauskana, home of both Nature Elves(zuor) and Blood Elves(zarveen). it is ruled by the Avácsh House as the Lord King. Iiauskana has a rather dark past and its taken great strife to get where it is today.   The fourth is a militarized nation in the swamplands of Eastern Arren. it is ruled by the Shardizar House as king. and is probably the most secretive country so I can't say much more. The fifth is a collection of self-governed City-States ruled by the Nomadic People of the Forbidding Desert. each city has a Lord Regent as its ruler. Little is known about Silveira as all written records have been lost to the sands of time.