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500 years after the great downfall of the empire and most people forgotten about their horrific rule. With most of the history lost there are many ruins and treasures to be found all around. and many people sought to find all the hidden treasures. and so the age of adventuring began. But without a centralized organization/government/ruler keeping track of all the dangers of the world, those dangers grew in numbers and in power. Until it was too late en most of the world was overrun with monsters, bandits and many other dangers. The adventurers in the world still wanted all the treasures but with all the dangers around they had to train and become stronger. After this change in how adventurers had to work they started defeating the monsters. And with no centralized army the people started relying on the adventurers to solve their problems. From this, one centralized organization started to grow all over the continent. The adventurers guild, an organization that for the right reward they would send adventurers to help you.

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