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The Nine Stones of Sight


The Nine Stones are legendary artifacts from the first Quanar Shahdom. According to later accounts, the Nine Stones were created by Darayavaus, the third Shahanshah, and were granted to his eight most important Satraps, keeping one for himself. The stones allowed for instantaneous communication between any who held them, while also greatly enhancing the user's divinatory powers. During the first Shahdom, the stones were critical to the defense of the Empire, allowing for messages and alarms to be dispatched between the Shahanshah and his frontiers and facilitating rapid responses to military threats.   However, the power the stones offered was a great temptation, and in the later days of the first Shahdom many rebellious princes used them in their attempts to usurp the throne. Over the years, they were lost one by one. Some were passed through many hands before they vanished, but by the time of The Emergence, all nine had seemingly disappeared from the world. However, Quanar artifacts are extremely durable, and so it is believed that they are still out there somewhere, just waiting to be rediscovered.
2 lbs each
A perfect sphere, just large enough to fit comfortably in an adult's hand.
Base Price


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