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The V4 is a vertical take off and landing aircraft. Able to navigate the metal, concrete, and glass canyons of big cities with relative ease.   The V4 is most known for its usage by rapid medical response Shock Units of TMS International   Originally designed by Lakesmith Aerospace as a weapons platform for use in one of the many and endless conficts amongst the battle torn and balkanized nations on the Helvican continent. It performed poorly in this roll. The V4 had way too much engine and not nearly enough firepower for it's designated combat roll. It was quickly discontinued, but not before around 300 were made. Most of these never saw combat. It was one of these unused ones that ended up in the hands of a fledgling TMS International. They saw the true potential of the V4 as a rapid response emergency medical vehicle which could operate in the restrictive confines of the crowded and bustling corporate cities of the world.   TMS International bought up as many of the failed V4s as they could afford and launched their platinum card health care service to wealthy C-level executives across the world. As TMS grew and expanded, they began to need replacement parts for their aging V4 fleet. They brokered a deal with Lakesmith Aerospace for an undisclosed amount to once again manufacture V4s and to provide replacement parts and service techs for TMS International's ever expanding fleet.


The V4 uses 4 overclocked Kubrick-Scott multi-phase jet engine

Weapons & Armament

The standard package of the V4 is unarmed, but after-market kits exist to add firepower to them if flying in more troublesom zones of operation.

Armor and defense

The V4 uses NxRA armor plates made of high-tech light-weight materials to protect the crew and passengers.

Communication Tools & Systems

Hardened multi-band communication arrays are standard in the V4
Meat Wagon

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