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The Silver Tridents

Rich Kids Playing Bloody Games

The Silver Tridents gang is made up of bored little rich kids that have never been told no.  This lack of dicipline and sense of entitlement has developed into a sociopathic desire to inflict harm on others.  And as a gang, they can keep score, and gain the aproval of their equally sick and depraved companions.  While the SIlver Tridents live in the Three Spires district, they commit most of their illicit acts in other, poorer districts causing mayhem and destruction at every opportunity.  They have made a game out of killing people. The Tridents will pick an individual, or group, at random, and then race each other to see who can kill them first.  Scoring points for the inventiveness and cruelty of the kill.  Sometimes they will do this for credits, but usually it's just for the laughs. They definitely take a sadistic pleasure in brutalizing those of a lower social status.     They wear the latest in designer clothes, gear, and cyberware that cost more than a common worker will see in a lifetime.  They are the epitomy of conspicuus consumption.   Recently, while on a murder spree in one of the lower districts, one of their more prominent members, Alfons Straton was unfortunate enough to be slain by the person Alfons was trying to murder.  His parents, not knowing of his gang affiliation, are investing a noticeable portion of their wealth into seeking justice.  The Silver Tridents are seeking brutal revenge against the whole district where he was killed.


The leader of the Tridents is whoevers parents are the richest at the time.   Most decisions are arrived at by dare.  Meeting the challenge of a dare is considered by the Tridents to be the highest sign of bravery and coolness.  When a dare is laid down, it cannot be refused.


Wealth defines the Silver Tridents. Everything they do revolves around empty pleasures and spending their parents money.

Public Agenda

Commit crimes and buy our way out of consequences.


Inexaustable trust funds.  And a complete lack of morals or empathy.

Dude, watch this!

Illicit, Gang
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