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The Kreadryn are nomads who wander the wastelands of central Aetherica.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Alissa, Asra, Autumn, Beatrix, Blossom, Fawn, Holly, Ivy, Kimi, Nadie, Rose, Thalia

Masculine names

Basil, Bear, Cliff, Colt, Corbin, Erol, Glenn, Hassun, Keme, Silas, Sutap, Trapp, Wendel, Wolf

Unisex names

Ash, Briar, Coral, Harper, Lark, Lynx, Sage, River, Willow, Wren

Family names

Arden, Birch, Blaze, Bramble, Canyon, Cloud, Flint, Hudson, Moon, Orson, Reed, Stone, Wilder, Wood


Major language groups and dialects

The Kreadryn speak a sharp and stilted dialect of Chant

Common Dress code

Comfort and protection

Coming of Age Rites

To mark the passage of a young Kreadryn into adulthood, there is a hunt
Related Locations

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