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Fadriquian Marks

Ahh yes, I remember the days when I oversaw the minting of them, where they say great politicians are made. I feel so old now."
ClĂ­maco Ittel
  The currency of the Kingdom of Cuerero, the Fadriquian Mark, named for the first king, Fadrique Larramendi. They are mostly minted in Tyel, well at least offically that is with the rise in counterfiting organisations such as a branch of the large criminal organisation, Uxores Rubrum Nisl.  


Upon the obsverse has the profile of the current monarch (as of current Aitor III Larramendi) although this hasn't always been the case in times of crisis such as the Twenty Kingless Years. As for the reverse, it is enscribed with the amount the currency is worth and written in original form of the Currean Alphabet, otherwise known as 'the Court Script' mainly used by and for the pages and scribes of government.  
"Something I have noticed is that people keep trying to stratch the face of the king off when they are paying me."
— A merchant


Chasuria has many currencies and Fradriquian mark is one that tends to be used commonly in trade and comerce, mainly in the western half of the continent, espicailly in it's neighbouring countries, Sanoria, Euetcha and Iagkis. However, this is changing what with the boom in Hara's textiles industry, Marks are commonly seen nowdays upon the eastern coast in places like Nomoa.
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