Campaigns on Hiatus
Both campaigns for Vaguely Competent and Upstairs Gang have been temporarily suspended. Worldbuilding for Chardovil has slowed significantly but will continue as I have the time and mental energy to do so. I appreciate your patience and support during this time.

Villains of the Vale

A Guide to Charodvilian Monstrosities

List of Rare Monsters

  • Gold Dragon, lair located 100 miles west of Ulrin
  • Unicorns, allegedly spotted within Coroman Grove
  • Chimera, territory somewhere within Ringham Valley
  • Wyverns (as many as 4) located around Glaschill Pass
  • Hydra located in wetlands of Albyn, estimated within rural New Basin
  • White Dragon spotted within Vochal's Moonari Ice Field, lair location unknown.
  • Storm Giant chased out quarry workers within theAbyssal Bluffs. Mineral and Metal Mining Co. has shut down the location.
  • Gorgon prowls Paccam Woods north of Eztal
  • Treant made home within the Legus Thicket
  • Boneclaw located around Shernna Glacier, though its master remains hidden.
  • Three Nightwalkers spotted across the Shernna Tundra, wandering remnants of a town that once existed north of Bondurim
  • Evidence of a Purple Worm located within the Misty Wastelands
  • Travelers passing through the northern crest of the Misty Wastelands report encountering a Skull Lord. Proper scouting to uncover whether a lich is also in the area is required

Monsters by Location




Guide, Survival
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