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"Do... do you think that a God might've escaped from hell?"
"If one did, these things might be the least of our problems."
— Bystanders witnessing the Nightwalkers in the distance

A creature that everyone hoped was merely a children's fairy tale, the Nightwalker is a massive, vaguely humanoid creature with long, spiked horns extended from its faceless head. Four claws as long as a man extend from the base of their arms, and sharp hooves tear up the ground as they walk. They are not stealthy creatures, nor do they need to be.

Deadly Aura

The Nightwalker was quickly uncovered as a creature spawned from nightmares as one claimed its first victim - an individual who was eviscerated the instant they drew too close. Another tried to shoot it with a longbow, but was turned into dust when the creature merely pointed at him.

Hell's Hunters

Nightwalkers are predominantly known for their villainous roles in mortal myths and stories about the fates of dead Gods. Many believe that slain Gods are sent to the Negative Plane, and the Nightwalkers are the guards that ensure none escape. Thus, seeing a Night Walker on the Material Plane means a death sentence to many, as it means somewhere, the slain remnants of a God is in hiding, waiting for their chance to....

Well, no one is sure what a dead God would want.
Suspected Godslayer
Average Height
25 ft. (7.62 m)
Geographic Distribution
While the wish spell has not been tested on the Nightwalkers' victims, no methods of resurrection have proven effective.

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