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Diamonds in Chardovil are incredibly valuable, but not for their rarity-- anyone wishing to acquire a diamond can, with the right means-- but for their many uses in magic. While every diamond begins as the classic, glittering white jewel, subjecting a diamond to different environments alters its properties in different ways.


Diamonds are classified based on properties, though diamonds with similar properties and uses are often similar in color as well. There are five main diamond classifications:


Crystal Diamonds are what most people think of when they hear "diamond". These are typically used as offerings to Gods or the Universe in resurrection riturals, but are also status symbols due to their high price, but ease of acquiring one.


Color: Black/Dark Emerald
Environment: Magic
Purpose: Spellcasting
Black Diamonds are the most common type of modified diamond. The intense magic they are subjected to makes them perfect for spellcasting foci or spell gems.  


Color: Red/Black
Environment: Blood/Gore
Purpose: Techno-Necromancy
Created by submerging a large diamond in a pool of blood, blood diamonds are generally considered taboo or sinful to possess. However, they have proven exceptionally useful in powering modern Resurrection Machines.


Color: Bright Blue
Environment: Psychic Wind
Purpose: Memory Storage
Often mistaken for sapphires, soul diamonds are diamonds that have been subject to the Psychic Wind on the Astral Plane. As such, they can store and release memories and dreams in the form of projections, and offer protection against psychic attacks.
Notable Users:
Astral Travelers commonly carry soul diamonds on them as protection against the many threats on the Astral Sea. Glemsi also carry them, infusing the jewels with their memories to share with their Voidwalker upon death.


Color: Violet/Silver
Environment: Vericraft
Purpose: Unknown
Created and exclusively used by the Infernal Eye Network and its Agents, verity diamonds have been subjected to the chaotic magic of Vericraft. The exact purpose of this transformation remains unknown.
Notable Users:
Infernal Eye Agents are given a verity diamond upon completion of their first mission after they undergo the Final Rite.
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