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Chieftain, The Drakiss

Weruru has been the chiefain of the Morton Drakiss for ten years, holding the position for longer than most.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Though, at 55 years, old for a drakiss, Weruru is still a strong, agile and well roportioned drakiss. The wear and tear that is the lot of most drakiss seems not to affect it - probably because of the comparative youth at which it moved away from routine heavy labour and into a leadership role.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hatched in 975 to a relationship group of 2 tunnellers and a screen operator, Weruru started its1 career in the water supply system becomming skilled in the repair of damaged brickwork. It moved into a gang working the foul sewers after a major tunnel collapse blocked the sewers serving the Palace Ward.   This established its reputation for competence as well as an unusually inventive streak both for design and technique that allowed the blockage to be cleared and the collapse repaired faster than had been expected. This put Weruru onto the fast track and by 20 it was the youngest gangster in the Morton Drakiss.   This brought it into more routine contact with the humans of the Gongsters and it rapidly learnt their language and script, giving him not just another set of contacts but also new sources of information. In the following years its influence spread beyond its own gang and by 1018MD it had influence over all of the tunnellers which made his rise to the chieftainship two years later.   Throughout it's adult life Weruru has remained part of the same relationship group, though as is often the case new members have replaced old and though matters of ancestry and parentage have some uncertainty for the drakiss (their underlying nature lying crosswise with their desire to avoid inbreeding) from the numbers sharing it's colouration, Weruru has made more than its fair share to the younger arts of the colony.
1 Like all drakiss, Weruru has switched between male and female several times. They typically refer to themselves in the neuter unless distinguishing adds useful context.

1020 to Present
Current Location
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Green with a golden yellow ruff


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