The end of day observance to the Morivian household gods.

Evens is the counterpart of Hearthtime - the ritual that closes the household's day. For workplaces that observe a household god, it is normally the last act of the working day; domestically it takes place after the last meal of the day and before the members of the household begin to retire.


Lead by the head of the household, in a similar manner to Hearthtime food and drink are taken and thanks given for the achievements, mishaps avoided and such like of the day by the members of the household. In households where Evens is done at the evening meal this giving of thanks is the first subject of conversation during the meal, followed by more general converse, discussion or silence as the case may be for that household that day.


Evens is participated in by all members of the household with the lead role taken by the same person who lead hearthtime that day. If done before all members of the household return, then a portion of the food and drink is put to one side for each absent member and on their return they will consume it and give their thanks on entering the house.


Although a comparatively simple rite to observe in an agrarian community Evens can be a challenge in more urban environments especially where the household includes young children. But it remains the case that all members of the household are expected to be present if possible; better return home for evens and then go out to continue the business of business or pleasure than to take your evens at the door step.

Regional Variations

As the basis of Evens is the same as that for Hearthtime, the regional or cultural variations are similar - full meal or symbolic, the nature of the food and drink and such like. Though more local than regional, the main distinction is between urpan and rural areas where (in the latter) Evens is closer to marking the end of the day for all with the tendency not to leave home after Evens. In urban areas, especially where workplace observances happen, Evens marks out the ends of parts of the day rather than the day as a whole.


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