An Introduction to Challaria

Challaria is a world unlike most others in that not only do different lands have different fauna and flora but the differences are sometime so radical that it is hard to believe that they come from the same planet. There's a simple reason for that - they don't. The documented history of the world has several examples of lands suddenly appearing in places where they were never seen before, with fully formed ecosystems unlike those previously known to the world. Some say that the continents were simply earlier arrivals by the same (unspecified) process and that the gods use Challaria as a repository of neat ideas for easy reference. Of course, some people will say anything.

Sentient Species of Challaria

There are several of these. Humans are the most widespread for as many worlds have found to their cost the pesky things can adapt to most situations, much like rats, cats and cockroaches (which are the only other animals to thrive on all known Challarian Continents). The other sentient races are more limited to their homelands and while individuals may be found in many places they struggle to breed and suffer degenerative diseases if away from their homelands for many years. Similar issues are encountered with the non-sentient species, though they seldom leave a cultural reflection on this.

Is there magic on Challaria?

Well, it all depends on what you call magic; some of the sentient species are definitely capable of things that the others find strange. You might call this, or some of it, magic as a shorthand.

Are there dragons?

Someone had to ask that didn't they! The answer is yes, but I'm not telling you where they are or how to find them. They value their privacy and wouldn't thank me for the tourist trade.

What's the weirdest thing on Challaria?

Where to start on that one? Is it the world itself? How about the Simbrill Islands - time does some really weird things there. Some say it runs backwards but they don't like visitors and nobody's been able to make a proper study of it. Or possibly Nabriz - the island that moves at about 10 miles a year, which nearly rammed Marivar and lead to the collapse of the Marivan Empire.

That's some fine corners you're painting yourself into - how are you planning to get out of them?

That's a good question. I know where I'm going with dragons and have a story behind Nabriz. The Simbrills could be tricky. Watch this space...
Interplanetary traveller eh? Don't worry, there's been plenty of you over the years. Did you bring your home land with you? ... Hmm, how were you planning to get back? ... If you assume that different lands come from different places and work differently you'll understand the place better than most of the natives.
Dimitris Halfeyed , wise man of Naroyden


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