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Darisian Empire

The city of Daris was founded in 790 by a warlord named Moren who deposed the previous ruler of the city by force of arms and with the aid of an elite band of mercenaries in his employ. Over the next two hundred years the forces of Daris expanded and took over rulership of a dozen nearby nations and states by force or arms or the threat of force. Their brutal military efficiency and scorched earth approach made them feared far beyond most foes.   When the Darisians take over a country they follow the same pattern each time. The local rulers are destroyed without exception or mercy. New local puppet rulers are put in place under the authority of a Darisian governor. Draconian laws are enforced to ensure compliance. Whole sections of the population are uprooted, divided and shipped to other regions of the Empire and resettled as workers.   Urban centers surrounded by stretches of rural land. In the periphery, the cities are smaller and the farmsteads larger. Slaves are everywhere, both domestic and chattel. The best slaves are trained and sold by the Tar'Idak, a special class of slave handlers that are well-respected.


Imperial State - the Emperor Of Daris has absolute authority. Each vassal state has a local puppet ruler under the authority of a Darisian Governor.

Public Agenda

Expansion and conquest.


Large, efficient and ruthless. The Darisian military is made up of forces from all their conquered vassal states, incorporating the best troop types and military technology.


The Darisians revere the office of the Emperor as divine in itself with the current Emperor Kasir Jatahl regarded as a living avatar of the divine right to rule.   They also worship a god that is the personification of martial strength and expansive power - its name is Kutakahl and it is personified as an iron warrior whose interior is burning lava. Kutakahl is not thought to intervene in human affairs but rather to be an example of strength and ruthlessness to follow.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Head of State
Emperor Kasir Jatahl
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
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