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Cetialma: A World of Possibilities

  If you're reading this page, that means that I have come to the point where I am nearly ready to get this campaign started, and you're likely chomping at the bit to start rolling up a new character to play. I'm thrilled to see what everyone comes up with, but I ask that you take a few things into account first:   This campaign setting has a lot, and I do mean a lot, of custom lore that surrounds player races and their development and speciation, since the source material often made new 'races' to explain what could easily be attributed to cultural or ethnic differences. A separate page is provided with lists as to which of the D&D 5e races that are acceptable for character creation. I have tried to include and accommodate as many of the playable races as I can, but there are some that I just couldn't wrap my head around, or make fit in the existing schema.   Some of the lore surrounding how languages work have also been changed to better fit with the lore of the different races. Some languages are considered long dead, or have evolved naturally into others. Other languages may have special rules regarding comprehension based on if your character knows one of the parent or off-shoot languages.   To help with working out characters within this custom lore, I plan on hosting individual DM Office Hours for players to get your character concept and backstory ideas down, and then you'll actually roll your stats and draw up your sheet in the actual Session 0.   For more specific rules regarding character creation, please have a look at the appropriate page.


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