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General House Rules

The following is a compilation of general House Rules that are relevant to the campaign, but don't have a large enough category to warrant their own unique page.    

DM Approval for "Off-Screen Interactions":

  If you have an off-screen, but still in-character conversation with another player, and you want to make it canon, you can write it up either as a chat-log-style dialogue or as a short story and send it to me for "DM Approval." However, please be prepared for me to say "No", or ask that you hold off until the interaction can be addressed in-game.

Food and Other Bodily Maintenance:

  Most actions involved with personal care can be assumed to occur during downtime or other periods of rest, barring specific circumstances which the DM will address if and when we come to them.


  Every player will have a small, filtered Bag of Holding that can only accept coinage or other forms of cold hard cash. This is so the weight of your money doesn't count against you. However, it will not hold gems or other highly valuable items, so such things will count against your encumbrance limit.  

Spell Component Rules:

  Anything considered rare (with a value above 100 gold) must be specifically sought out. Common components can be located at most apothecaries. If you are a spellcaster without an arcane focus, refreshing your stock of common spell components can be assumed to happen during down time in appropriate locations such as towns or cities.  

Combat Rules:

  During combat, you will have 30 seconds to tell the DM your decision (this does not include clarification questions), else your turn will be passed.
Adamantine armor is illegal - if you're going to deal crits, you're going to take crits.
Flanking rules are NOT in play.
Crits - do all the math, then double the final result.  


  The D&D Dungeon Master's Guide offers an optional rule for long-term injuries that I'm implementing on a smaller scale for this campaign. If a player character meets one of the following criteria:
  • Takes a Hit or Critical Hit that damages them below half-health in one turn
  • Drops to 0 HP but is not killed outright
  • Is killed but then revived using a spell such as Revivify,
they will receive a long-term injury. The exact nature of this injury and what (if any) gameplay effects it may have will be worked out between the player and the DM when and if the time comes.


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