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DM's Commandments

The following list of DM's Commandments are a series of rules and guidelines I'm instituting to help the campaign run smoothly and avoid conflicts between players. If necessary, this page will be updated as the campaign progresses.

Commandment I: Respect for Persons.

Remember and respect that there are actual people behind the characters. Character decisions, both good and bad, are often influenced by a number of factors you, as a player, may not be privy to. I ask that you do not take out any frustrations at character actions, both PC and NPC, on other players (or the DM).  

Commandment II: Respect the Rating.

This campaign can be considered to fall under the TV rating of PG13, or the video-game rating of T. I'm not opposed to including darker elements of storytelling, but let's keep any graphic depictions of excessively violent or other explicit acts to a minimum. If you wish to explore those aspects of your character in an Off-Screen Interaction, you're absolutely welcome (and encouraged!) to do so.  

Commandment III: Respect the DM's Rulings.

Often times, players will ask if they can do something very odd, off-the-wall, or otherwise unusual that isn't necessarily covered by the guidelines present in the source material. In such cases, I will allow for the player to make their case as to why their character can do that thing. In most cases, if you have a well-thought out justification, I will allow for the action to occur. However, if I still say no, even after you've made your case, there is very likely a good reason for it, even if I do not voice that reason specifically. Please don't continue to argue the point after my ruling has been given.  

Commandment IV: Storytelling is for Everyone.

Longform campaigns offer the chance for every player character to have an arc. Some arcs may happen more quickly than others, some arcs may be more subtle in development. Rest assured that all of the player characters will have a chance to have their story told. However, be aware that there is no "main character" of a longform campaign, just different stories being at the forefront. Allow your fellow players a chance to tell their stories, too.

Commandment V: No Spoilers!

If we end up running a module or adventure that you think you've seen before, or that you recognize the name of, do not go looking for information about it outside of game. That is considered cheating.


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