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Basarji is the name of the humans from Djapar who settled Cerilia and eventually became known as the Khinasi. Basarji is still used as the term for the Khinasi language.

Writing System

The Basarji brought their own language to Cerilia and developed their alphabet independent of outside influence. The language is Arabic in appearance.


The language is Arabic in sound, with a strong Mediterranean flavour. Little different exists between the language spoken by the Khinasi today and that spoken by their ancestors.
Spoken by
Common Phrases
  • Life without sayim is meaningless - Sayim translates to 'face' or 'honor' and it is extremely important to the Khinasi people.
  • A man without a family is not a man - Blood ties are eternal. Betraying your family is one of the lowest acts you can commit in Khinasi culture and in doing so you become nothing and are considered to be lower then a scorpion.
  • A guest is lord of the house - Hospitality is sacred and a guest should be honoured for generosity in accordance with Sayim. A host is responsible for their guest, to harm a guest, even if they were the enemy, is highly dishonourable. 
  • Guests are like fish, after three days both stink - A guest is someone who stays for three days and no more. To stay longer and take advantage of the host's generosity and shows a lack of respect.
  • There is no Fate, but the Fate we are given - This apparently defeatist proverb is typically translated as meaning that one cannot change ones station in life or fate - the gods set the stage and mortals merely play the roles to which they are assigned. Like the best proverbs however this can also be reversed to mean that a hero has the god given right to break the rules and as such is their fate.

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