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Ah yes, the Siheejio. Beings of the feywild, most closely described by a humanoid form of scaly trees. Additionally, these beings possess spiky tails which they use to dexterously move around their home environments. Be aware though, the Siheejio are feisty ones and will attack on sight
— All knowing Lohrk

Natural Blend

The Siheejio, whose origin is of the feywild, are warriors from birth. Their innate magical abilities, combined with their physique makes them contenders for the top of the foodchain. A Siheejio's body is made of sharp shards of condensed grass and roots, and its head shaped like a branch of leaves surrounding a crystal ball. Last but not least, the tail consists of different segmented tree branches, sharpened into spikes that can easily penetrate enemies and even stick to walls, giving the Siheejio agile movements.

Hunt the Hunter

Civilizations over generations have sought out Siheejio for a multitude of reasons, the biggest ones being research and hunting. The Feywild is an area of nature that is always of interest to the world, since they bear loads of unsolved secrets within the domain of earth. Their hardened scales are beautiful and dangerous both. Hunters will try to carve them from the Siheejios bodies and turn them into ornaments, arrowheads or blademixtures. Parts of these creatures bodies also find their uses in alchemy.

The Prey

Siheejio rest in groups, but often hunt and travel alone. When out and looking for a target, they make use of their connection to the soil to track down creatures. Once found, a root is sent out to immobilize the prey. Subsequently, their mana will first be drained before going unconcious due to a mana blast. The Siheejio make it a point to not outright kill their enemies, as to slowly stuck the life out of them to ensure the best possible nutricious meal.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
1.8 - 2.3 meters
Spell List
Mana Blast
Mana Drain
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The Siheejio are almost exclusively found in deep forests under the setting evening sun. Although most likely not in pacts. When eating or sleeping, these natural hunters gather in a hiden place to live out their slumber in peace. Only a handful of such "hotspots" have been discovered and there is no currently available pattern on where the Siheejio prefer to reside.

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Large fey, neutral evil
Armor Class: 17 (natural armour)
Hit Points: 110 6d20+50
Speed: 45ft


14 +2


22 +6


12 +1


19 +4


12 +1


6 -2

Saving Throws: Dex +11, Int +9
Skills: Acrobatics +11, Arcana +9, Nature +9
Damage Vulnerabilities: Fire
Damage Resistances: Nonmagical Bludgeoning, Slashing
Senses: Blindsight 90ft, Truesight 10ft, Passive perception 19
Languages: sylvan

Root Creature. Level 1, Dex 12 Save or creature is immobilized.
Mana Blast. Level 2, +9 to hit, Hit: 5(1d8+Mana/10) force damage
Mana Drain. Level 3, +9 to hit, Hit: 11 3d6+2 psychic damage, Stores damage dealt in mana gauge.

Mana Gauge. Siheejio innately have a storage gauge for foreign mana. It is filled through various magical abilities and can be expended through attacks and abilities.   One With Nature. Siheejio have advantage on perception and acrobatic checks as well as DEX saving throws when in forest regions.   Tail of the Feywild (2/day). The Siheejio can absorb roots and bones from the ground to enhance their tail. Movement drops to either 35 or 30ft, add either 1d6 or 1d8 to tail attacks, depending on number of charges (2 max per long rest). Additionally, damage dealt is converted into the mana gauge.   Mana Surge. Expend 10 mana for an extra attack (this ability can stack).


Tail. Melee Weapon Attack: +11 to hit, Reach 10ft., one target. Hit:12 1d12+6 piercing damage.   Scaleshot. Ranged Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, Reach 60ft., one target. Hit: 9 1d8+5 piercing damage.   Absorb Nature. Bonus Action: Draw power from the environment around you, either heal or fill your mana gauge equal to 6 2d6 , add 1d6 if in forest environment.

The Siheejio are of The Feywild and innately dangerous. They will attack on sight and do not hesitate to kill if the chance arises.

Suggested Environments

Forests, Valleys

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