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Simple Scrolls

To buy this, just DM me on Discord -- Stormbril#0001. I might not be able to respond right away (my timezone is GMT-7), but I promise to get to the messages asap to help get you your Add-on :D

Stats at a glance

BS5 Support
BS5 and BS3 compatible!

BBCode wordcount
Roughly 50 words

CSS line count
Roughly 200 lines each
$5 CAD for both

Bundle Options
"I want it all" Bundle


These scrolls work perfectly as enhanced spoilers that let you hide quotes, prose, details, whatever you like within something that feels physical and real -- adding some interactivity to your article! As you can see below, the horizontal scroll takes up 2 of the "3" columns an article is made up of, while the vertical version fits within one. The vertical scroll fits easily on mobile view, but the horizontal doesn't work as cleanly.

Theme Compatability

Tested and confirmed to work on every single default theme! The only thing that might need changing here and there, depending on which theme is used, is the font and colouring of things within the scroll. However, this is very easily done, and something I can help with should you like it! As always, custom theme compatability isn't guaranteed, but I'm sure we can make it work as well.


The Scroll of Secrets

And then, the scroll becomes unfurled, and it covers that other quote! It's an interesting interactive thing you can do with this scroll placed inside columns and I think it works nicely. Of course, the scroll fits a variety of things within it as well. Quotes, alouds, etc -- even other columns!

Left Column

Column content!
This is an Aloud

  The scroll can even fit images within it as well -- however, as there's no scrolling in this horizontal scroll, you must ensure the image size fits the scroll.
You can do some interesting things with layouts and these scrolls. You may put things beside the horizontal scroll, like a description, and have the scroll roll over and cover it up!   One thing to consider is that the horizontal scroll may not fit mobile views/browsers, as it is too wide.

The Scroll of Secrets

This is the vertical version of the simple scroll! This one fits a little bit easier into more locations -- and works on mobile as well. It can fit more content than the horizontal scroll too, as the container will allow you to scroll and scroll and scroll as much as you like!
Just like the other, it fits all sorts of elements within it too.
And that's an image, too! It fits nicely in there.
Perfect for any fantasy world, and even some in other genres. These scrolls feature actual 3D rotating scrolls that will roll across the page, revealing the content within!   The scrolls are lightweight and easy to implement, and fit in a variety of article locations depending on their configuration.


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